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Mags's Tool Box

 There a few things that need to be in your tool box at work. These are what you might need as a colorist to get the job done.
 1. Queen Helene's Cholestrol, this is one of my favorite products, it can protect the mid shaft & ends of hair you don't want color to get on, when rinsing, it can help protect hair when you want to darken the hair but keep a few highlights in, just foil with it, it will keep some blond in the hair.

2. Logics Gel Lightener + 20vol in equal parts...


Are You Keeping Up?

Are You Keeping Up? by Mags Kavanaugh 

Do you feel that sometimes you don't understand what you see in a magazine, or a new client comes in asking for something you've never heard of? Not good, huh?

If this has happened to you, make sure you are currently getting some hair magazines like Modern Salon, American Salon and Hair's How which I like because it shows you the techniques you need to achieve what you see.

Don't be left out, learn something new every day, take a mannequin into...


Malibu Crystal Gel

I LOVE Malibu Crystal Gel, here's the facts about it:
You need to do it to all new clients that come in to make sure their hair is cleaned off of everything- medications, hard or well water, product build up:
• pumps up the value of your service for pennies
• saves time and prevents re-dos
• natural detox treatment rids hair of color-blocking mineral buildup, medication buildup, and sulfur
• readies hair for superior color absorption, coverage and retention
• removes discoloration...


Malibu C Color Wellness Shampoo & Conditioner Takes Color Treated Hair Care to the Vegan Level and Beyond


Shield any shade from fade

You’re a savvy stylist, which means you’re always in search of the next best thing in hair care. With Malibu C Color Wellness, the first and only color care system based on true hair wellness, you can stop your search. Malibu C’s newest hair helpers, Color Wellness Shampoo and Color Wellness Conditioner, are designed to keep every shade looking stunning and infused with health, and they do it with an Ecocert-ingredient complex that is ripe...


For Truly Hot Ethnic Hair, it's Got to be Tourmaline

 All women deserve the beauty boost of a perfect blowout, but African American hair requires special care. What black women need to know about their blow dryers is that—due to their hair’s flatter, more-easily damaged cuticles—most cause even moreill-effects than one might expect, ranging from problems like easy breakage to overall dryness and dullness. Most blow dryers, that is, but not all. IZUNAMI’s G6 Hairdryer has what it takes to give gorgeous African American hair the...


The Seven "H's" of Hair Loss

This simple reference (all beginning with the letter 'H' for Hair) is not exhaustive, but covers many of the common causes of hair loss (alopecia) for both men and women. An individual's hair loss may be caused by one or more of these factors. Some of these influences on the hair cycle may cause permanent hair loss whilst others only temporary hair loss.


1) HEREDITY: many hair problems are passed down in the genes. If one or both parents have hair loss or thin hair, then the chances...


Nutrition and Hair Loss

Recent research indicates that adequate nutrition and energy needs to be constantly available at the hair follicle for optimal hair growth to occur. As the hair follicle is a non-essential tissue and, therefore, is one of the last tissues to receive its energy supply (or the first to have its energy supply reduced) any long term deficiencies may lead to premature hair loss.

Hair is one of the fastest growing tissues in the body (it grows approx. 1/2 inch each month) and so any long term...


Genetic Hair Loss

Genetic hair loss (also known as male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, common baldness, androgenic alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, or androgen-dependent alopecia) is caused by the action of male hormones upon a genetically sensitive hair follicle. The development of genetic hair loss is associated with the shortening of the growing phase of the hair cycle and consequently with an increase in the proportion of resting hairs. Also, there is a reduction in the size of the affected...


Salon Color versus Drugstore Color

We all have them, the clients who do their own color, whether they get it from a drugstore or Sally's, they tell you it's just as good as the stuff you have. BZZZZ WRONG!!!!!
What is the difference between drugstore color and salon color? Without being too technical, it's the size of the molecule of color that's being injected into the hairshaft. Over the counter color has 80% oxidative dyes and 20% direct dyes, the big guys! And many times it's 25 volume used not 20vol like we...


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